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Tea the Most Popular Drink history information

Preparation Paragraph on Tea 

If you want to know more about tea then first read this article and then you may learn more about Tea.

What is Tea ?

Tea is a one kind of  soft drink and tea in generally arranged by pouring hot  water over relieved leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen bush  local to East Asia. After water, it is one of the most generally expended drink on the planet. 

History of Tea 

The historical backdrop of tea is long and complex, spreading over different societies over the range of thousands of years. 
The Tea Most Popular Drink tea garden
tea- tea tree or tea garden 

Tea Paragraph for school:

Tea is the most well known beverage in the current world. It evacuates our weariness, revives our brain and gives us vitality. Tea has become an a vital part of our day by day nourishment propensities. The principal tea-developing nation is China. Tea additionally develops in Japan, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and numerous different pieces of the world. Bangladesh is one of the biggest tea-delivering nations. Tea plants develop in the slant of slopes. To develop tea-plants inordinate water is required. Slope tracts are picked to develop tea-plants since water doesn't remain there for long time. In our nation tea-gardens are found in Sylhet and Chittagong slope tracts. These days tea is likewise developed in the north area of the nation. Tea-plants are planted in columns. They are cut down and permitted to become not more than three or four feet high. In the wake of getting, tea-leaves are dried in the sun. 

The Tea Most Popular Drink  higher class paragraph 

Tea is a well known beverage. Practically all men – rich or poor, youthful or old, have tea on more than one occasion per day. Tea is modest and invigorating. Tea develops well in China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. In Bangladesh, there are a great deal of tea cultivates in Sylhet and Chittagong. Tea develops well on the dry slants of slopes and mountains are the best places for the development of tea. Tea grower's snow seeds of plants in lines, three or four feet separated. At the point when the plants develop to around six feet stature, they are pruned. The plants at that point become rugged and bear a decent number of leaves. Delicate leaves are culled and dried in the sun. At times these leaves are splashed before they are permitted the dry. The dried leaves are stuffed and prepared available to be purchased. To make tea is certainly not a hard assignment. The leaves are placed in the bubbling water which is poured cups through a strainer. At that point some sugar and milk are added to make it delectable. At that point the tea is prepared for being taken. Tea is one of the money yields of Bangladesh. We can acquire a great deal of remote cash by trading it. In this way, we should take of its developing.

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